19 Best Torrent Sites in May 2021


Do you want to download torrents for free? You don’t know which are the best online sites to download the files you need or which are the best pages to download torrents in 2021 without having to register?

What websites are still working to download torrents? What about torrents in Spanish? BitTorrent sounds familiar to you, but you don’t know what it is?

In all probability, you are looking for a torrent search engine , and all the pages that we comment on are perfect for finding the files you are looking for.

  • It is possible that Veotorrent stops working or that Elitetorrent changes its address and we cannot find it (they change a lot of domain) but we will always have other alternatives such as Dontorrent. Better NOT to use pages like Grantorrent or downloads2020.
  • EYE! A very interesting option is to use a page that provides torrent RSS and gives you a “Magnet” link:I have found the perfect website to never miss your favorite series.

Torrents are still more alive than ever despite the persecution they are suffering because many people often use them to “upload online” movies, TV series or programs that are copyrighted (and therefore are breaking the law).

Due to this, many of the web pages that function as torrent search engines regularly have to change urls or even close due to legal pressure. Many do not even appear in search engines. That is why I have created this list of the best torrenting sites in 2021.

Why are torrents still being used? Because they allow you to download content at tremendous speed, especially when there are many people sharing files online.

What are the best pages to download torrents in 2021?

There are many torrent portals, but these are some of the best and above all, they are the ones that continue to work in 2021.

Torrent Portal

Opinion: stands out for …

The pirate bay

A classic. There are movies, shows, ebooks, anime, TV series.


Especially recommended for moviegoers.


Well-stocked portal with links to Torrents files


With ebooks, movies, TV series, apps


You make sure that the downloads are real


With RSS feed of the categories


It is well distributed and has a clear design


No ads and very safe


Torrent portal with more than 450 sources


Trending the most downloaded torrent files


For torrents in Spanish


TV series torrents: RSS Torrent magnet


With almost 4 million torrents in its database


With Top 100 button with the most downloaded torrents. Good privacy.


To download TV series


Torrents of TV series or movies


With movies, TV series, Software, games, music, anime or ebooks

Don Torrent

Reference torrent download page in Spanish


The best site to download Anime


Very active community

FitGirl Repacks

The best site to download video games safely. It is not a torrent portal.

1. The Pirate Bay

One of the classic torrent download sites for many years. They change direction every two times three. There are movies, shows, ebooks, anime, TV series. It would be interesting to read the comments of each download to see if the file works or not.

There is a link with the best proxies, since it is difficult to always get the url that is active right. A good Syrian to download games for Mac or PC in Torrent format. You can filter by content type.


One of the oldest torrent sites still offers good options. The design is somewhat dated, but you can still find good options. Especially recommended for moviegoers.


The torrent page that emerged after the closure of Kickass Torrents. The same creators who started from scratch and who have already managed to create a well-stocked portal with links to Torrents files. Its url usually changes a lot too.

4. 1337x

An excellent interface that offers us access to an impressive selection of torrents for all tastes: ebooks, movies, TV series, apps. Interesting to follow the most “reliable” uploaders.

5. Torrentz2

Another torrent portal that has risen from its ashes with a new name. You can list the most popular torrents or follow their recommendations. In addition, they have a system that ensures that the file you are downloading is really what you are seeing in the list.

6. LimeTorrents

Another torrent site that is not indexed in search engines, but that everyone knows about. It is very simple to use and you even have an RSS feed of the categories to follow all the files that are being uploaded in a simple way.

7. YTS

If you are exclusively looking for torrent movies, this is one of the best sites right now. It couldn’t be easier. It is well laid out and has a clear design. You are going to miss a few ads. Attentive to the comments of other users to know the quality of the torrent.

8. iDope

One of the safest torrent sites. They do not save any of your data when browsing their page and you will not find the annoying pop-up ads that appear on other torrent websites. Its interface is very minimalist and offers interesting options such as massive downloads: you can download the 250 best IMDB movies in a single file. They have an app for Android .

9. Toorgle

Another great torrent search engine. It gives you access to more than 450 sources. The interface is simple and what you are going to do is simply perform a search that will be presented in a “Google” mode, indicating the urls where you can download the file you are looking for. Simpler than the straight line.

10. Torrents.me

A very special place, and really well designed. The truth is that it is a pleasure to navigate through its interface. They even have a graph where they show you the trends of the most downloaded torrent files. You will also be able to see a Top of general torrent sites or the websites where all types of files are downloaded the most.

11. ShowRSS.info : the RSS Magnet Torrent option you were looking for

Its operation is somewhat different from the other pages. It works for TV series. As they themselves indicate on their website, only 3 simple steps are necessary so as not to miss a single chapter of the series you choose:

  1. Sign up – only username and password required – no email required.
  2. Choose the series: we select the programs we want to follow and add them to our list.
  3. Subscribe: Using the website or our favorite torrent client to stay up to date on each series. We choose the quality and the different sources available in torrent format.

Works With Magnet Link Links – What’s That?  It is a way to download torrents without the need to download a torrent file first. This is the preferred way to use torrents as the old torrent files are disappearing. Just copy and paste the link into your torrent downloader.

12. Zooqle

Another great option with almost 4 million torrents in its database. Its interface is simple to use and has a large number of options. Excellent option if the others don’t work. You can even subscribe.

13. Skytorrents

They have a huge torrent database with a really simple interface and promise not to collect much information from you, which is appreciated (use a VPN just in case). You have a Top 100 button with the most downloaded torrents in a multitude of categories such as games, TV, audio, video, ebooks …

14. ETTV

If you are looking to download TV series, this is your torrent website. The episodes tend to go up very quickly. A fairly reliable service that does not usually fail. Its filtering system is quite friendly, especially if you are looking for a certain type of quality.

15. Torlock

If what you are looking for are TV series or movies, this torrent search engine is perfect. And they also worry that the torrents are good and that they are not sneaking it to us with some other series or movie that we are not interested in.

16. Yourbittorrent

A torrent portal where you will be able to find movies, TV series, Software, games, music, anime or ebooks. A bit of everything. And the website has been around… since 2009. It even has a verified torrent section.

17. Nyaa.si – The best site to download Anime

If what you are looking for are Japanese Anime series, this is the right website. The different categories are very well indicated. Possibly the one that interests you the most is that of Subtitled Anime. You can also follow their RSS `to know what is going up on the web

18. TorrentGalaxy – Excellent community

This torrent site stands out for its excellent and committed community. It was released a few years ago, and for now it maintains a very high quality standard in its torrents. Movies and TV series are worth searching for.

19. FitGirl Repacks : download video games

It is not a torrent page to use, but you will find video games for download of high quality. And above all, you make sure that you are not going to be fooled by getting a good virus. This is the real site, the genuine one. There are many copies online that you have to be careful with. He also publishes his repacks at 1337.to.


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