How do i add beachbody to my smart tv


Beachbody On Demand allows you to stream P90X and other popular Beachbody workouts. You want to stream Beachbody On Demand content to your Smart TV and other devices. But, you don’t know what to do. We will show you how to add Beachbody to your Smart TV and other devices.

Today we will show you how to stream Beachbody on Demand to any device, and give details about the number of users that can be added to your account.

Beachbody on Demand can be accessed online via your Web browser. It is also available across multiple platforms, including Amazon Firestick, Roku and Chromecast. The app can be used to monitor your heart rate using an Apple Watch, Wahoo TICKRX or Wahoo TICKRX.

How to get Beachbody app on your Devices like smart tv, iPhone, PC and etc

These below instructions/steps will allow you to connect your device with your Beachbody On Demand account. This way, you can simply open the app every day and start exercising. It is easy to set up and takes only one time.

Step 1: Select the device from which you wish to download Beachbody App.

Step 2: Go to the app store and search for Beachbody.

Step 3: Select Beachbody on Demand’s channel or app, then download and install.

Step 4: Open the app, and log in to your Beachbody Account.

Step 5: Roku and Amazon Fire TV users will need to activate their account first. This is a one-time process. You will need to have your computer close to your device so that you can connect your account.

Is it possible to access Beachbody on Demand from your PC?

Yes! Yes!

If you don’t own one of the above mentioned devices, you can purchase an inexpensive HDMI cord to connect your TV to your laptop or computer to view Beachbody on Demand on your TV screen.

We have even had clients access it via their Playstation 3+  (PS3) by going to the Intenet and then logging in through the browser. It’s definitely a better user experience via one of these devices.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download Beachbody On Demand workouts?

Yes, you can download Beachbody On Demand Offline and watch it on your iPhone, iPad, and Android. Just tap the program you wish to download.

Can I use Beachbody on multiple devices?

Yes. However, Beachbody reserves right to limit account access in the event that it is being misused. It is best to limit its use.

Can you see Beachbody app on Playstation?

You can stream Beachbody On Demand using a compatible pc, tablet or smartphone listed by Beachbody On Demand. Firesticks and Fire TV of all generations are supported. Chromecast can be used on Windows, Mac and iPhone with the official Beachbody On Demand app for iPhone & iPad.


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