How to Add and Update Apps on Hisense Smart TV

add apps to hisense ultra hd led tv

Hisense smart tv is the first choice to buy for watching the tv shows and videos by using the available app over internet. But, many of the hisense users are facing an issues to add apps on hisense tv or update the existing apps. In this tutorial you will learn how to add apps on hisense smart tv.

How to install Apps on Hisense smart tv

You will get many of the factory-installed apps like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and many more applications on your Hisense smart tv. But you want to add a new app on your Hisense tv, then you can follow the below steps to download and add apps to Hisense tv.

Instructions to add apps on Hisense Smart TV

  1. Press the Home icon button on your Hisense tv remote control.
  2. You will see app store icon on your tv’s display. Select the App Store and open it.
  3. The App store menu will appear on your scree, You need to search your app on Premium app section.
  4. If you app is available, then select your app which you want to install on your Hisense tv.
  5. You need to wait sometime until your app completly install on your tv.
  6. Now, you can open your app.

How to download and add an app on Hisense tv by using the VEWD App System.

Vewd app system is a cloud-based app system that provides a collection of apps. You can add apps by using the VEWD app store if your app is available there.

Steps to add applications on your Hisense smart tv

  1. Press on the Apps button on your Remote control.
  2. Select the VEWD app store and open it.
  3. You can find your app by using the filter option which will appear on your tv screen after opening the vewd app store menu
  4. If your application available there, you need to select the application and install on your hisense tv.

How to add apps on Hisense Android tv?

You can use the Google Play store to add apps on your hisense smart tv.

Instructions to install apps on Hisense Android tv

  1. You need to open the Google Play store on your hisense android tv.
  2. You can search your app on search box. You need to type your app text in search box text area and press on the OK button on your remote control.
  3. A search result will appear on your tv screen. Select your application and follow the process to complete the installation on your Hisesns TV.

How to update the apps on Hisense smart tv?

You can update your existing app on your hisense tv for enhacing the performance as well as the features. If any type of the update is coming of the app, it is automatically updating on your hisense tv.

Reinstalling app on Hisense smart tv

If you are getting any issues on your app such as app stopped working and reopened again. You can reinstall your app to resolve the problems.

You need to uninstall apps on your Hisense TV. After that, you can add the same app on your smart tv by using the above steps “How to download and install apps on Hisense tv”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is App store on Hisense tv?

You need to check on your Hisense app screen.

How do I install 3rd party apps on my Hisense Smart TV?

You can add the third part apps by using the Google Play store, VEWD app store.

Does Hisense TV have Google Play?

Yes, Hisense Android TV have Google Play store

How do I add apps to my Hisense TV Roku?

You can add the app on your Hisense Roku tv by using easy steps. You need to go on your Home Screen and select the Streaming Channels. After that, you can search your app and install on your Hisense Roku TV.

Can I install APK on Hisense Smart TV?

You may be install the third party apk on your Hisense Android and Roku TV. You need to check the settings “Unknown Resource” on your television.

How do I install apps on VEWD?

You can follow the above steps to install app on VEWD.


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