How to configure the Remote Control?


Configure the Remote Control.

You can control many of your TV’s functions with your remote control.

Operate the TV with the Remote Control.

1. Press the TV button to enable TV mode.

2. Click the POWER button to turn on the TV.

3. While holding down the POWER button, enter the code relating to your brand of TV.

• If there is more than one code for your TV, enter one at a time and determine which one you work with.

Example : ‘For a Samsung TV’ While holding down the POWER button enter the following code 00, 15, 16, 17 or 40.

4. If the TV turns off, the setup is complete.
• You can use the TV POWER, VOLUME, CHANNEL, and number buttons (0 ~ 9).


• The remote control may not work on some brands of TVs, likewise, some of the functions may not work.
• If you do not configure the remote control with the code corresponding to your brand of TV, the control works by default on a Samsung brand TV.

 Remote Control Operation Range.

The controller can be utilized something like around 23 feet (7 meters) in a straight line. It can likewise be worked at an even point of up to 30 ° from the remote control sensor

[Important Observation]

The remote control will not work on some brands of TVs, similarly, some of the functions may not work.
Therefore, please refer to the “Television List and Brand Code” in your user manual. If you don’t have it, please download it from the Samsung website.


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