How to program a universal remote to a Panasonic tv


There are a wide variety of universal remote controls on the market and all of them work with the most important electronic brands such as LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

Learn how to program a universal remote for your Panasonic flat-panel TV with or without a programming code.

You can program a universal remote control for your flat-screen TV with or without the use of the setup code; Let’s look at the first case.

Program your universal remote control with code for your Panasonic TV

  1. As a first step, you turn on the Panasonic flat-screen TV by pressing the power button on the TV or by using your own remote control.
  2. Point the universal remote you want to program at the Panasonic TV.
  3. Locate the ” Setup ” button or the ” Code Search ” key near the top of the universal remote.
  4. Press and hold the Setup button until the remote control light turns on or blinks (about 5 seconds).
  5. At this point, you must enter the configuration code of the Panasonic flat-screen TV.
  6. The specific code for the TV model can be found in the user manual of the flat-screen TV. The codes for Panasonic TVs can also be found on the official site
  7. When you have entered the correct code, the control light will blink.
  8. Test the universal remote control with the Panasonic TV by pressing the power, volume and channel buttons. If the television responds, it is a sign that the remote control is correctly programmed.
  9. If it doesn’t obey the commands, repeat the process using another valid code according to the model.

If you do everything correctly, you can continue to enjoy your old Panasonic flat-screen TV and its audio and video enhancement peripherals.

Remote control programming for your Panasonic flat-screen TV without code.

If you were unable to find the configuration code, you can try the automatic remote control programming option. Let’s see:

  1. Turn on the Panasonic flat-screen TV that you will sync with your remote control.
  2. Point the universal remote control at the Panasonic TV.
  3. Press and hold the “ Code Search ” button or the “ Setup ” button on the universal remote control until the remote control light comes on or blinks.
  4. Press the CH or “ Channel ” button, failing that the “ Power ” on / off button . An automatic code search will start.
  5. Press and release the buttons until the Panasonic TV responds that is, until the TV turns off or changes channels.
  6. Do not worry if the TV does not respond immediately. Because there are hundreds of different codes, you may have to press the button on the remote control for several minutes before the device responds.
  7. When you notice that it obeys the commands you must press “ Power ”, “ Mute ” or “OK” on the universal remote control to save the code of the Panasonic flat screen TV .


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