How to Program Blackweb Universal Remote | Blackweb Remote Codes

program blackweb universal remote

The blackweb universal remote is also more popular remote control. You can use the blackweb remote control to operate any type of electronics device by using the blackweb universal remote codes . It works almost all major electronic brands and models.

You can use the below instructions to find the blackweb universal remote control model and program your remote by using the blackweb remote codes.

How to find blackweb remote control model?

You can use the below-given instructions to check your blackweb remote model before starting to the program as a universal remote.

  1. Take your remote control and remove the batteries of the remote.
  2. After that, you can check your remote model, customer support and made-in information inside the place of remote batteries.
  3. You need to check last character of the Model such as PCL-1, PCL-2, PCL-3. As per your model, you can use the remote codes for programming blackweb universal remote.

How to program blackweb remote?

The programming of the blackweb remote control is very easy. You need to just follow some simple steps to program blackweb remote.

  1. Take your blackweb remote control, press, and hold the Program button until your remote power button light up red. The blackweb remote control’s power light-up remains red until you complete your process.
  2. After that, you need to press the button which you want to operate the device. For Example – TV, SAT/CBL, STREAM, B-RAY/DVD, AMP, AUX. The red light of the remote blinks once when you press the button.
  3. After that, you need to enter 4 digits blackweb universal remote control codes. If you will enter the correct remote codes then the red light shut off otherwise light remain up.

Blackweb Remote PCL1 Code List

CategoryBrandsBlackweb universal Remote Code
TVACER1163, 1817
ADVENT2354, 0176, 0167, 1181, 2434, 1160, 0116
ADMIRAL0135, 2120, 2058, 0001, 2439, 0020
AFFINITY2077, 2078
AIWA3009, 1949, 2423, 2428, 0196
AKAI0214, 1148, 1137, 2487, 2488, 2494, 2012, 0076, 1138, 2415, 1139, 2451, 0231
AOC2091, 2063
APEX DIGITAL2497, 2499, 0424, 2431, 1796, 0214, 2061, 0436, 0215, 0216, 0949, 2139, 1132, 0445
AUDIOVOX0053, 2290, 1146, 1165, 2418, 1019, 1164


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