How to program the universal remote control for Sony DVD


This post describes universal DVD remote control 3 digit, 4 digit and 5 digit codes for Sony DVD player. All you have to do is find the correct code for your Sony brand. If you use the remote control that comes with the DVD player, you do not need a remote control code.

This is because the remote control was pre-programmed before you bought it. But if you want to use another remote, usually a universal remote to program your DVD player.  You need to enter universal DVD remote code will be required for operating your Sony DVD player. Not just any code, but the correct code for your brand of the DVD player.

3 digit universal remote control codes on SONY DVD player

320, 321, 322, 361, 389, 399, 909

4 digit universal remote control codes on SONY DVD player

1272,   1275,  1276,  1277,  1002,  1109

1137,  1201,  1202,  1249

5 digit universal remote control codes on SONY DVD player

31070  31033   31069

5 Digit Remote Control Codes: SONY DVD/HDD Combo Player

31033, 31070, 31069

5 Digit Remote Control Code: SONY DVD/VCR Combo Player


5 Digit Remote Control Codes: SONY DVD AV System

51658, 51858, 51622, 51558

SONY DVD Changers 5 Digit Remote Control Code:


How to program the universal remote control for Sony DVD

Step 1: Switch on your DVD player. Check that the DTA is turned on and that it is installed in the correct way.

Step 2: Hold your universal remote control to face the device that you… want to program.

Step 3: Find the “PROG” option on your universal Hold the button until the small LED light on the remote control lights up. Press the “INFO” button.

Step 4: Yes If you take the first three steps correctly, you will notice that the small LED light continues to flash.

Step 5: Find the correct code below that applies to your device and enter. Your DVD will show “Success” once you get the correct code. If not, try another code. On the other hand, your DVD will display “Sorry” if you enter the wrong code. Repeat the process with other code.

Step 6: Press any of the function keys on your remote control. If it works, that means… and you have the right steps. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and try another code.

How to set the universal remote control to the DVD player using codes (alternative method)

The first method to program your universe… from your DVD has been explained above. If the method works, you can make use of this alternative method.

Step 1: Find the PROG button on your extraction control and press until you see a small LED light.

Step 2: Choose the “DVD” option

Step 3: Find the correct DVD code for your DVD player above and enter in the code space.

Step 4: If the light turns off when you enter the code, it shows that you have the correct code.

How to check if a Sony remote control is Universal Remote

Some DVDs The controls that come with some DVD players are universal controls. Which means that you can use the remote control to power other devices besides the DVD player. To check if your DVD is a universal remote, check if it has the “Set” and “Mode” options. If it does, it is a universal remote control.

If you have any code that is not included in these, please help us add it to the comment box. We will greatly appreciate it.

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