How to Reset Harmony Hub | Resetting Harmony Hub


Harmony Hub transforms your smartphone or tablet into an universal remote that gives you control over all your smart home and entertainment devices. You can adjust channels and volume, set favorites, control lights, and create multi-device activities called Harmony Hub. You can even do it while you’re away.

Harmony Hub can be used with more than 270,000 smart home and entertainment devices. This allows you to control your favorite brands with a single touch. Harmony Hub works with almost everything, including your TV, cable, gaming console, AV receiver, Roku, media player, smart lights, locks, thermostats and even Alexa.

If you are getting any issues and problem during using of the harmony hub. You can reset your harmony hub factory setting by default for resolving all types of the issues.

Harmony Hub Factory Reset Instructions

You can follow the below steps and given instructions to reset factory settings of your harmony hub by defaults.

  1. After unplugging your hub, hold the Pair/Reset button at the back and plug it back in.
  2. As the hub returns to factory defaults, the light at the front of it will flicker red for about 30 seconds.


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