How to reset lg tv


The Smart TV LG incorporate an option to reset your settings to the factory by defaults. This post shows you two methods to restore how to reset LG tv to factory settings: from the TV settings and from the hidden menu.

you can easily get to know the how to reset LG smart tv without remote? without the remote, you can’t even be able to set up the network so you could use your smartphone as a remote. So now you just “Please Press the OK button on your remote” screen.

Many of the problems with your LG Smart TV or any of the functions of its operating system (Netcast or webOS) can be solved by resetting the device to its original settings (reset). The procedure is very simple, but it will depend on the version of the TV operating system and the remote control.

How to reset LG smart Tv from the TV settings

  1. On the TV remote, press the home button and click the settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, to All Settings.
  3. Go to General and click the Reset initial settings option.
  4. Confirm your decision and voila.

How to reset  LG smart Tv from the hidden menu

This option will be very useful when it is not possible to reset LG smart tv with the previous option. Do the following:

  1. Enter the hidden menu of your Smart TV.
  2. Activates the Public Display Settings function.
  3. Click Factory Reset and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: if the reset removed your TV’s Internet connection settings and you don’t remember the Wi-Fi password, see our article: How to know the password for your Wi-Fi network


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