How to Restart Fitbit Inspire 2 | Reset Fitbit Inspire 2


Although the Fitbit Inspire 2 looks identical to the Inspire HR it replaces it, it is a little slimmer. The physical side button that allows for touch-sensitive tapping or squeezing has been removed. The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a tracker, not a smartwatch. It has a monochrome OLED touchscreen screen rather than a colour display that would allow for onscreen workouts or smarter apps.

The Luxe, Fitbit’s latest activity monitor, is slightly slimmer than its Inspire 2, and features a stainless steel body with a colour display. However, it still has the same feature set.

Soft Reset Instructions of Fitbit Inspire 2

Soft resets only restart the Fitbit, and do not erase any data.

  1. Connect Fitbit Inspire 2 with the charging cable
  2. For 5 seconds, press and hold the buttons of your tracker.
  3. When you see a smiling face, release the buttons and Fitbit Inspire 2 vibrates.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Factory Reset Instructions by Default

All data on your Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness monitor will be completely erased by a factory reset. Follow the below given steps and instructions step by step for resetting of your wearable device.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Clear user data.
  3. Press the screen for three seconds until you are prompted to do so. Your data will be erased when your tracker vibrates, and the clock screen appears.


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