Samsung Soundbar Remote Control Codes | How to Program Your Samsung Soundbar Remote

Samsung Soundbar Remote Codes

Looking for Samsung Soundbar Remote Codes for programming your remote control to Samsung Sound Bars ? We have the list of codes you need to control your Samsung Sound Bar with a universal remote control or SAT and Cable TV remote.

If you have the right programming instructions, a Samsung soundbar can also be controlled by any universal remote or CABLE/SAT radio. The correct remote universal codes are required for your sound bar. These codes can be found below. The codes below may not work for your Samsung soundbar. Please leave a comment below with your model number and your soundbar model and we’ll help you find the right remote code.

Programming your universal remote control, cable remote or SAT remote to a Samsung Sound Bar is easy. These 5 digit remote codes are for you.

Samsung Sound Bar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:







Remote codes listed above have been reported to work with the Samsung Soundbar Model numbers: HW–FM55C and FM550.

How to program Universal Remote for SAMSUNG SOUNDBAR

  1. Turn on your SAMSUNG SOUNDBAR.
  2. To program your SAMSUNG SOUNDBAR, hold your universal SOUNDBAR remote and point to your soundbar.
  3. Press on the ‘Menu” option on your universal remote. Continue to the Settings’ button, then click ‘Program Remote’. Next, choose ‘SOUND’ to program any device.
  4. The small light will blink four times if you have the right method. Once it blinks, select the code for your device from the list and press Enter. Once you have entered the correct code, the button light will flash. Try another code if the button light does not go off.
  5. Press on the function keys button on your remote. If it works, you followed the steps correctly. if your remote doesn’t operate, then You need to try again or use another remote code to program your Samsung Soundbar.

How to find codes for Samsung SOUNDBAR Universal Remote Codes (Alternative Method).

We have already explained the first method of programming your universal remote control to your Samsung SOUNDBAR. This alternative method is recommended if the first one fails.

  • Check the PROG button on your remote and press it until you see a small LED-like light.
  • Select the “Soundbar” option
  • Enter the Soundbar code for Samsung Soundbar below and follow the instructions.
  • It is a sign that you have purchased the correct code if the sun shines upon entering the code.


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