Vizio TV No Audio | VIZIO TV No Sound Problem


Check the below Vizio tv no sound problem checklist for resolving the no audio on Vizio tv issues.

1. First, you need to check your tv’s volume level and make sure your TV is set above zero.

2. Press on the Up & Down or + or – button on your Vizio smart tv remote control.

3. Check your tv is not muted.

4. Check your speaker settings

  • Press on the menu button on your Vizio remote control.
  • Select the Audio Settings and press the OK button,
  • Check your speaker settings in ON state. If it is not in ON state, then press OK button to choose ON.

5. Make sure your all connecting speaker or audio device cables surely connected. You can disconnect all cables from your Vizio smart tv and connected again for getting the best results. Make sure your cable is not damaged or cut.

6. If you are using the different source devices like cable or satellite box for streaming the videos or shows on your smart tv, then you need to check those audio inputs and confirm the audio is not muted. You can also try playing audio to connect your Vizio tv to steaming app like Youtube, Netflix or Watchfree.

If still, you are facing the same issue no audio on your Vizio smart tv, then you need to contact to Vizio customer support team for troubleshooting Vizio tv no sound problems.


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