Vizio TV Remote Not Working | How to Fix the issue


If your vizio smart tv remote control is not working or you are getting any issues during operating your vizio remote control. You can follow the below checklist to fix and resolved the vizio tv not responding to remote problems.

How to fix vizio smart tv remote stopped working?

Follow the below instructions if your vizio tv remote control sensor is not working and stopped to responding:

1. Check Power cycle of your remote and Vizio TV

Check Power supply : At your Remote:

  • Disconnect the batteries from your vizio tv remote.
  • At least press each button on your remote control. This helps you to find any stuck buttons on your remote.
  • Replace the batteries into your remote.
  • Check now and make sure the remote is working.    

On Your Vizio Smart TV:

  • The power cord should be disconnected from the TV. It can be disconnected from the outlet.
  • For 15 seconds, hold down the power button at the bottom or side of your smart TV. You didn’t find a power button on your TV, then you need to unplug your smart tv for 15 to 20 seconds. 
  • Connect the power cord and turn on your TV.

2. Take out any obstructions from the TV’s front.

  • The remote sensor is located in the bottom left corner or bottom right of most VIZIO TVs. You must ensure that nothing is in front or blocking the sensors.

3. Get new batteries

  • Replace the batteries in your remote. Install the batteries correctly with the positive end facing in the correct direction.

4. Use a different remote.

  • You can use the remote from another VIZIO TV at home. Many VIZIO remotes are compatible with all VIZIO TVs.

5. Check to make sure that some buttons don’t work if you have a few. Below are some examples.

  • Only an antenna or coaxial cable connected directly to the wall will work for the channel up or channel below keys. These buttons will not work with your VIZIO remote if you have a cablebox. You should use your cable box remote.
  • You can use the fast forward and rewind buttons to watch apps on your TV. It won’t pause cable content or content from other devices (like a VCR, blu-ray player, or apps downloaded from an external streaming service). You would need the remote to control any other devices.


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