Why my vizio tv won’t turn on?


If your Vizio tv won’t power on or powers on by itself, then you can try the following steps for resolving the Vizio tv won’t turn on light issues:

Checklist for Why my Vizio tv won’t turn on 

1. Press the power button on the device. As you press the button, look at the power indicator light. Does the power light turn on at all? Power indicator lights may appear as below.

  • Changes from Amber to White

  • Changes from dim light to bright light.

  • Turns on and then slowly fades.

2. Check the power indicator light, it is changing orange to white after 2 minutes. It is flashing still, then maybe your Vizio tv problem, then you need to contact the Vizio customer support team.

3. Power On and your devices on the state, then maybe it is a picture problem on your tv.

Power supply Problem

Your Power cable is not reseated properly in the back of your Vizio smart tv and where it plugs into the wall.


1. unplug the power cord from the device, and plug it back in your vizio device.

2. Make sure the cable is tightly connected to the device.

3. Check wall outlet power supply.

Note: If the power cord is connected to a power strip or surge protector,  please make sure that the surge protector or power strip is turned on.

If the device still isn’t powering on, try plugging another device into the outlet to make sure it’s getting power.


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