Xfinity Remote Codes – How to program Comcast Xfinity Remote


You can use the Xfinity universal remote control for operating all branded smart TVs, DVD/CD players, soundbars and other electronics devices. No need other remote control according to devices.

Follow the below instructions for Xfinity remote programming by using the RF and Comcast.

How to program Xfinity remote by using the RF pairing

1. Turn on your electronics device such as smart televisions like LG, Samsung, Vizio, Hisense.

2. Take your Xfinity universal remote control, press and Hold on Setup Button until your remote LED light will change RED to GREEN.

3. Press on the XFINITY button and enter your 3 digits Xfinity remote codes.

How to Program your Comcast Xfinity universal remote

1. Turn on your Device.

2. Press and Hold on Step button on your Comcast Xfinity remote control and wait some time to change LED light Red To Green.

3. Enter your either 4 or 5 digit xifinity universal remote codes as per your devices. Some remote codes such as 10178, 11178, , 11934, 11637, 11530, 10856, 10700, 11265, 11993, 11454, 12253, 10442, 10017, 12271, 11314, 11032, 11758, 12246,10032

4. Your remote codes correctly inserted, then your remote LED Green light blink twice times otherwise it will blink red.

5. Incorrect codes inserted, repeat above steps again.

Comcast Xfinity Remote codes

Here’s some list of the Xfinity codes as per the tv brand-wise. You can try below codes:


10178, 11265


10051, 10250


10812, 10060


10154, 10159


10000, 11100

Sharp TV

10093, 10165

Toshiba TV

10156, 11156

Vizio TV

11758, 11756


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